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American Choppers

American Choppers. Orange County Choppers

Some of the best Custom American Chopper type bikes are made by several companies that I know of. 2 of them are Orange County Choppers and West Coast Choppers.

Orange County Choppers can be viewed on the Discovery Channel on select days and time. You can actually watch the Orange County Chopper Crew build a complete bike from start to finish!

If you are a chopper head type of person, you can become addicted to watching them work. I did. I can't believe the type of work that they guys do. If you design or build simular type bikes with the quality of work these guys do, please let me know. I will put up a section about what you do with pictures of course. I would even be willing to travel to your shop to see your work depending on where you are located. I am always looking for Airbrush Designers

Paul Teutul Sr. love of riding and fabricating custom motorcycles dates back to the 70's, Since then he's worked in steel fabrication, nurturing his own Ironworks into a commercial business.

It was his sucess in Ironwork that allowed him to to pursue his passion for building motorcycles in his downtime. In 1999 he recruited his son Paul Jr. to become the chief fabricator and designer for a new enterprise, Orange County Choppers. OCC jumped on the scene at Datyona Biketoberfest with the "True Blue" a classic Chopper built in Paul Sr.'s basement

Paul JR. a.k.a. Junior or Paulie was born with sheet metal in his blood since the age of 12 he spent his summers at his fathers steel business learning all the skills of fabrication tat he would later use building motorcycles. while in High school, Junior also took part in a prgram, which allowed him to further hone his craft.

After High School, Paul Jr. went to work for his father's Orange County Ironworks, becoming the head of it's railing shop. But soon his father spent more time building motorcycles for pleasure, he approached his sone to assist. It was then that paul Sr. recongnized his son's design and fabrication talent and with his blessing, Junior left the rail shop to help establish Orange County Choppers in 1999.

You can view American Choppers here or Orange County Choppers here

American Choppers. Orange County Choppers
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