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Chrome DOT Helmets

Chrome DOT Helmest. Graphic Helmets on a Chrome Base.

These DOT Graphic Helmets are by far the most beautiful helmets I have ever seen. I have searched all over the internet and shops all over the U.S. I have not seen anyone put graphics on a Chrome Helmet. We now will be featuring Chrome DOT Graphic Motorcycle Helmets on our website. These helmets will be released in the 3rd week of January 2004. We have some in stock right now and though the images here were taking from a high quality camera, it still does not do it justice. We always pride ourselves on the quality of our work. We can easily make a cheesy helmet make it "So Called, DOT approved" but why cut corners? The detail on the helmet designs, graphics, Airbrushing and comfort has all been researched to the fullest. Feel free to contact me for pre-orders or to see if I even have these in stock in your size. If we have them in stock, we would be happy to send you one.

We have a full shipment of over 20,000 helmets being shipped to us and we have a exciting new 2004 line of Motorcycle Helmets.

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