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Chrome Eagle.  Half Shell blem

Chrome Eagle. Half Shell blem

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Chrome Eagle. Novelty Helmet

This is "B" stock helmets with small Blemishes on it. Barely seen. The Blemishes are from when manufactured, the helmets may not be perfectly centered when in the Chroming process or when the Rivet is rolled a small ring around the rivet shows. I could pass these off as brand new, but I do not do business like that. You would probably not even know the blemish is there unless I mentioned it or pointed it out. This is a Chrome Eagle Helmet. The same helmet that Jesse James wears occasionally on his hit show Monster Garage! You too can own this High Quality helmet.

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*We cannot guarantee the conditions of every helmet since they are blemished. We like to sell perfectly new helmets when they leave our facilities, but since we get minor defects from time to time, we hold them and are now selling them as blem products. Most helmets do not even have noticable problems. These helmets are sold as is and have no refunds or exchanges. *This is a Novelty Helmet

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