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Pink Novelty

Pink Novelty Helmets. Shorty Lids

Here is a image that one of our customers sent us. This beautiful lady rides her Harley Davidson with our Pink Novelty Helmet Eagle Deluxe Version. Located in the California area she loves to ride with her Husband on the weekends.

Our pink helmets have become one our most popular helmets we sell. The quality of this helmet is second to none. We have spared no expense to the researching the best shade of pink and the quality of what it takes to putting it on our lids. We have shipped our helmets all over the world. From the US to Japan and have had nothing, but compliments about our Pink Novelties. We have actually Wholesaled many of these helmets to another dealer. If you have any questions regarding wholesale pricing, feel free to email us your contact information and and resale number.

Our helmets comes with custom Race paint by Kolor of Paint and is wet sanded and then clear coated 3 times. Each Novelty Helmet is custom painted and baked to perfection. Comes with Trim-Lock trims and a forward position Y-Strap Retention System with a Pivot for fine adjustments that does not interfere with your ears. A custom quick connecion lock with steel locking mechanism for the best strength. Nylon webing full lined wewn interior, Hypo-Allergenic D-Ring and Adjuster.

If you have any pictures of you and our helmets or you and your bike, send them over and we will try to write a little profile about you and our Novelty Helmets.

Novelty Motorcycle Helmets - Do Not meet DOT or Snell Standards.

*All helmets are assumed to be Novelty Motorcycle Helmets unless specifically listed in the Features


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