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Spike Helmets. Kaiser

Spiked German Helmets

Also known as Kaiser helmets for Motorcycles.
Our spiked german motorcycle helmets are novelty helmets with custom spikes installed on them. Most of the spikes on the german helmets are 2 1/2 inches tall. They can be removed, but there will be a hole on top where the spike is removed. The spike is chrome plated with real chrome and the helmets are from our high quality stock of German Motorcycle Helmets.
The black spiked helmets are painted with PPG or House of color. It comes in a matte flat black or a high gloss black with the 2 1/2 inch chrome spike.
Our Chrome Spiked motorcycle helmets are also taken from our inventory of Chrome German helmets. The chrome process on these helmets are actually chrome polished made with real chrome. It will be hard to chip or scratch these. We want to even say these have to be the best chrome helmets on the market.
Taking a step further with our design we offer a spike strip option. Depending on the size of the helmet will determine how many spikes will be on the helmet. There will be aproximately 12-15 smaller spikes and one larger one in the center for people who want a more designer agressive helmet look.
No matter if you have a sportster or a Harely these Spiked Kaiser helmets are the right one for you.
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